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Overthinking MLP:FIM S2E26
"A Canterlot Wedding, Part 2"
An Overthought Review of MLP:FIM Season 2, Episode 26.
Note 1: This episode is packed with opinions and spoilers.  If you don't want to hear the spoilers, come back after the episode.  If you don't want opinions, why are you reading a review?
Note 2:  Because the youtube video I'm using to rewatch the episode combined the two episodes into one big one, the timestamps are going to be a bit wonky.
21:25- 23:43: Cave Story

The second half of the story kicks off very mysteriously.  Despite the intense revelation that Cadence is totally evil, we have no idea what her plan is or what the heck she just did to Twilight.  It's more than a little symbolic that Twilight literally starts the episode in the dark, with barely enough light to see her own hooves let alone figure out where she actually is.  Her little panic at the start of the scene pretty much perfectly sums up her feelings.  But
:iconjapaneseteeth:JapaneseTeeth 45 30
Charlotte Theory
I just had a thought.  
Remember when Homura crushed the doll that killed Charlotte and how some people thought that the doll was the Witch's true body?
Hear me out on this:
There is the theory that Charlotte's mother was dying of cancer, and Charlotte used her wish for a cheesecake to share with her mother.  But she ate it all, and when her mother died, she realized that she could have used her wish to save her mom, thus resulting in her Witchification.
That doll that Homura stepped on may actually represent Charlotte's mother, and there may have been a bond between the Witch and the doll. This 'bond' represents the relationship Charlotte had with her mother while she was in the hospital and may represent the hope that they could spend their time eating sweets together if she had survived the surgery.  And when you recall the theory that Charlotte wished for cheesecake to share with her dying mother but it all for herself, it makes more sense, as cheese s
:iconspdude18:SPDUDE18 19 17
Overthinking MLP:FIM S2E20
"It's About Time"
An Overthought Review of MLP:FIM Season 2, Episode 20
Note: As usual, this entire thing is based off of personal preference.
0:00-1:09: Freud would have a field day with Spike's subconscious.

Seriously, this has got to be the most random episode intro yet.  The Spike and Rarity dynamic doesn't really have anything to do with the rest of the episode.  Although this scene does introduce Spike's inexplicable obsession with ice cream in this episode.  I mean really, he's eating ice cream all through this episode for some reason.  But on to more relevant things.
Twilight doesn't seem to have gotten over her OCD very much since "Lesson Zero", but at least she manages to contain her neurosis to the house and doesn't end up wrecking the town.   It's a bit of an exaggeration, but it does fit with what we know of her character.   She's been known to do stuff like this before, so it's not much of a stre
:iconjapaneseteeth:JapaneseTeeth 15 5
Big Brother by Karzahnii Big Brother :iconkarzahnii:Karzahnii 615 98
Overthinking MLP:FIM S2E19
"Putting Your Hoof Down"
An Overthought Review of MLP:FIM Season 2, Episode 19
Note: Everything I say here is personal opinion, not fact.  If you disagree, fine.  Just don't yell at me about it.
0:00-1:01: Eat it, it's good for you

Well, it's always nice to see Fluttershy back in action after being sidelined for so long.   And as usual she's taking care of her animals.  Unfortunately, I can't really say the same about Angel's return, as he spends pretty the entire scene acting like a petulant child.  Thing is, it does a pretty good job of introducing Fluttershy's inability to stand up for herself, which is the point of the episode, so I can't say that it's really bad writing or anything outside of the fact that Angel's brattiness is overdoing it a little.  I can kinda see him refusing to eat something he doesn't like.  But smacking Fluttershy and forcing her to make a shopping trip so she can make him an
:iconjapaneseteeth:JapaneseTeeth 14 14
Insomnia is on its Way
Something was wrong.  Applejack couldn't quite put her hoof on it, but there was something odd about...well, everything.  She had no clue what it was, only that the world seemed a little off.  Oh well, no point in worrying about it.  The feeling would probably pass, and she was still a bit groggy.  Once she got into the orchard and started bucking some apples she'd feel better.
As she walked out the door, she immediately identified one of the vague abnormalities.  There was something rather horribly wrong with the apples.  The color was the most obvious problem.  The south field was supposed to have red apples.  These were quite clearly green.  And not a healthy, shiny green either.  They were practically yellow.  And they were the completely wrong shape.  It looked like somebody had squeezed or stretched them, and now they were all but grotesque. 
:iconjapaneseteeth:JapaneseTeeth 5 2
.: Moon Source :. by Midna01 .: Moon Source :. :iconmidna01:Midna01 1,263 118 My Little Channel Awesome by JoeEngland My Little Channel Awesome :iconjoeengland:JoeEngland 786 196 Spheal with it, nostalgiafags. by Amastroph Spheal with it, nostalgiafags. :iconamastroph:Amastroph 1,540 777
Overthinking MLP:FIM S2E18
"A Friend in Deed"
An Overthought Review of MLP:FIM Season 2, Episode 18.
Note: As usual, this is all subjective.
0:00-1:11: Somewhere on Youtube is a video of this scene with "Eye of the Tiger" playing in the background.

Needless to say, Pinkie has an odd morning routine.  Not that this is surprising at all.  There's a nice little switch-up here when they reveal that Pinkie's doing this to entertain the Cake twins rather than just for the heck of it (not that that would be surprising either).  That doesn't necessarily preclude the idea that this is Pinkie's usual routine, though.  She seems to be practicing her sort of "amusing all the ponies" routine or something.
I'm really not entirely sure what to make of this scene.  On one hand, it's definitely hilarious.  It's a lot of fun to watch, there's no denying that.  The mere image of Pinkie wearing 80's-esque workout gear is funny on it's own, and slapstick el
:iconjapaneseteeth:JapaneseTeeth 23 20


I've been a member of the My Little Pony Friendship is magic fandom since this summer and have noticed that there is an irrational hatred of OCs present.  In a fandom which will give detailed personalities and backstories to ponies that never utter a single line they seem to have a kneejerk reaction against OCs.  As a disclaimer I know that I'm not that good of a pony artist yet, and yes my OCs are artistically subpar.   I could use improvement on that front.   But what I'm talking about is the general idea in fandom that OCs are worthless wastes of effort.  Now I will briefly invoke… law.  90% of anything is crud.   The thing is that applies to all art, regardless of the subject.   Those who have seen my Luna drawing know that it isn't much better than my other drawings, being slightly out of proportion, and with inconsistent lines.  

The main argument against the creation of characters usually boil down to 1) They break the rules of the universe and 2) they take attention away from the canon mane cast.  To the first I say that most OCs I have noticed have nothing that seems like it would break the rules of the universe, most are ordinary ponies with ordinary talents, there are very few OCs that are too dark to fit in the setting, and according to the poll of the largest FIM fan poll on the subject, that most OCs completely fit into canon (despite a 9% alicorn rate).  In a show like FIM there are other ponies allowed to have all ranges of talents, so my definition all characters are mostly defined by skills, OCs aren't much different.  As for the second point.  Friendship is Magic is rightfully praised for its well developed characters, all believably flawed and rounded which still having admirable traits.  I can understand why people are drawn to care about them.  But the fact is that FIM has created a vast setting far wider than just the scope of Ponyville, and there are subject matter the show will probably never get into unless there's a major change in direction.  The history of Equestria, its politics, the homeland of the zebra people.  There's a lot that hasn't been explored in canon and will probably never be explored.  In order to really look into those categories you need OCs.  I for example am in the process of writing a fan fiction exploring the justice system of Canterlot, what happens when ponies commit crimes?  How do forensics work in a world which is powered by magic rather than science, and where it's possible to kill somepony without even touching them?  What about the dynamics of cities of of a single type of pony rather than a small community that contains all three types of pony?  Is it really likely that said scenario can arise using JUST the previously established cast? I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with writing the show with canon characters with a plot that is possible to occur on the show itself.  It's just doing so is limiting, and there's a lot that can't be done with that.  As for the OCs that interact with the mane cast on their own ground, Why is that different from a previously unestablished character (like Luna) interacting with them?  If Derpy were to gain a personality and interact with the MC why would that be any different from just writing in a new character into the fan fic?

The main reason that OCs seem to be disliked in this fandom is that there are indisputably a lot of them and many are just pony versions of the artist.  But there are three reasons for that and those reasons are similar to what makes up like the show in the first place. 1) The artstyle is simple, colorful, and clean.  2) There are many ways to make a pony distinct (both by pony type and by the cutie mark) and 3)  Equestria is a place that's idealistic and very different from our own world.  Why is it so terrible that someone wants to draw themselves as a pony, trying their best to capture the spirit of the shows simple design and wondering what their place would be in a world like this?   If the art is bad, sure that's one thing, but why is the idea of art centered around non-canon ponies a problem?   The thing is quality standards more than anything else, good strict standards and useful criticism for those who don't meet those standards.  If most OCs are crappy how about advice for the beginners that can only draw crappy OCs?   This is my stance on this issue, and I'm honestly driven to improve my originals, and write a story that couldn't be told in canon with them.


Kaitlyn McCaffrey
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